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Online EV Workshop

Learn at your own pace from anywhere, anytime. _________________________________________________________________________________ Presented by the leaders of Electric Vehicle Conversion Education.


As the leaders in EV conversion training, EV4U has taught individuals from all over the world how to convert a vehicle from internal combustion to clean, efficient, quiet, and reliable electric power.

Having converted many vehicles to electric, EV4U has first hand knowledge of what works and how it works.

Individuals, businesses, and schools have taken advantage of EV4U’s educational services.

Known worldwide for their 3-Day Hands-On Conversion Workshops, this Online Workshop is the culmination of many years of electric vehicle education experience.  Whether you want to start an EV conversion business or just convert your own vehicle, this Online Workshop will save you time and money.

The Online Workshop is divided into seven modules, and the modules are sub-divided into lessons.  All aspects of a conversion are covered in detail.

Demonstration Display Boards and actual vehicles are used in the educational process of teaching and demonstrating how a conversion works and how it goes together.  From components to the “Big Picture”, every aspect of a conversion is shown and discussed.

After completion of the Online Workshop, an individual is prepared to perform a conversion of a vehicle from internal combustion to electric power, and get it right the first time.

An hour of Consulting Service is FREE with the purchase of the Online EV Workshop.

The Online EV Workshop also includes vehicle selection information, component selection, formulas, schematic diagrams, links to suppliers and manufacturers, and much more.


Learn from home or anywhere in your spare time at your own pace.

Online EV Workshop Price $995 (Subject to change without notice.)

Special Limited Time Price of Only $595


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